TECA Project

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TECA Project, 2016

Teen Empowerment through Carnival Arts, A Youth Development Program

See our progress on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TECAProject/

The TECA Project will provide 15 teens with a stipend to participate in a FREE summer program in the community of East New York Brooklyn.  We will combine the development of quality arts education programming for teens with proactive community engagement.  Through the use of core elements of traditional Carnival Arts, like social commentary and performance art, the program will focus on building valuable skills in entrepreneurship, leadership, critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and art making. The TECA project will engage a team of teens ages 13 – 19, in the creation of a small Carnival band from conception to implementation for the West Indian Day Parade (Labor Day Monday September 5th, 2016). It is an opportunity for teens to positively engage in an intensive summer project that challenges them to conceptualize a theme and see it come to life.  Funds raised for the project provide stipends for the participating teen ‘band leaders’, materials for costume making, space rental and parade entry fees.  

Project Objectives/Goals:

This pilot project will focus on 4 areas and will develop specific activities based on those areas.

Teens who participate in the TECA project will:

  •         Develop innovation and creativity skills
  •         Learn about entrepreneurship
  •         Develop leadership skills
  •         Engage positively with their community


Project Founder:  Rachel Watts

For 20 years Rachel Watts has worked in the arts education and youth development field and helped develop innovative programs that have enhanced the personal, cognitive and social growth of young people and provided them with skills for the workforce and in preparation for college. She grew up on the island of Trinidad and learned first-hand the power of the Carnival culture to harness creativity, provide entrepreneurial opportunities, and lift the collective spirit of the nation.  Ms. Watts will combine her deep knowledge of developing quality programming for young people with core elements of Carnival focusing on building valuable skills in business, organizational leadership, critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, and art making.

2016 Collaborating Artists and educators: Laura Anderson Barbata (Studio Visit), Brooklyn Jumbies (stilt walkers); Candace Thompson, Caribbean Dance Collective; Makeda Thomas, Next Wave NY; Shelley Worrell, CaribBeing; Jessica Prohias-Gardiner, High School Entrepreneurship teacher.
Trip to: Brooklyn Museum: Disguise (Masks and Global African Art)

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