Bill Cunningham Sightings


Bill taking the names of people he photographed at the Fire Island Dance festival (RW)



I am not one of those people who notices the famous people walking the streets of New York.  I have a couple of friends who always seem to have sightings.  Even when I am with them I miss it completely, almost every time.  One of the people I do notice and who always makes my heart smile to see is Bill Cunningham.  After seeing the documentary about him,  (Bill Cunningham New York) I guess he became even more of a legend to me.  Here is a man who devoted his life to capturing photographic images.  He has been fashion photographer and photographer to the stars and notoriety of New York city for many years.  Working  for the New York Times.  What makes him so memorable is his Trademark blue jacket, and the fact that he still rides around the city on a bicycle.  At age, 85 I believe it is taking pictures that sustains him and keeps him going forward full of life.

I most recently saw him at the opening night of the Carnegie Hall 2014-2105 season where I usher.  He was wandering through the crowd on the 1st tier looking for people to photograph.  Everyone wants to be photographed by him.  Carnegie Hall recently honored him at one of their galas.  This is a couple of years after he lost his apartment in Carnegie Hall during the renovations.  They did find him a new apartment nearby.

It in an honor to see him at work and a dream to one day be photographed by him.



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