The Gasp Maker, Chihuly in Seattle


This holiday season, I have the opportunity to return to Seattle and to the Chihuly Glass and Garden center where I can revisit the multiple rooms and outdoor spaces highlighting his magnificent work.  A couple of years ago I went with my friend Megan and her beautiful family.  I remember walking in and wondering whether it would be ok for her 4 year old daughter.  It is a pretty large exhibition and not being able to touch anything at age 4 is a huge challenge.  To my amazement as we moved from room to room and piece to piece, I found myself more and more excited to hear what she was seeing in each piece. Her descriptions were vibrant, honest and very creative.  Chihuly’s work is an incredible resource from which to draw inspiration and build imagination.  If you are not able to get to Seattle, please look out for his work in over 200 museums around the world or check out his work online and at the Glass and Garden link below:

The pictures I took below just don’t do it justice.

 IMG_2525 IMG_2504 IMG_2558 IMG_2541 IMG_2560 IMG_2559 IMG_2546

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